What held back the engineering industry from embracing social media

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As the world became more digital, so did social media, becoming one of the most popular online activities.  In the UK alone, 57.10 million people use social media (Meltwater 2023), just over 10 million less than the entire UK population.  It’s no wonder countless industries have hopped on the social media bandwagon, captivated by its immense opportunities.

The Construction Industry, however, took longer!

Reports suggest the industry has not been as engaged on social media as other industries despite being a visual industry, perfect for social media.  In 2014, just over half of construction companies saw the need to create and develop a social media presence.

Fast forward to 2022, and over 70% of construction companies are engaged, with some creating social media campaigns that address recruitment challenges, stay competitive, and develop online engagement strategies.

So why did the construction industry take longer than others to embrace social media?

As building services consultants, most of our connections and relationships are developed non-digitally, working through frameworks like WPA and WSPA.  Much of our work is acquired through restrictive tender processes, where we must demonstrate our ability, experience and skill and prove our accreditations.  These have determined how we develop online relationships with other businesses and limit how well we engage on social media.

Regular use of social media has helped us grow our brand awareness and raise our profile.  Still, we are always careful, balancing information sharing and practising professional responsibilities.  Engineering is highly technical, and our decisions on any project are rooted in safety and security.

At DRAC, we ensure transparency and sound business practices.  We manage how we interact with others on social media to ensure we are not breaching regulations when acquiring new business.  It helps us connect with other engineers, industry leaders, and potential clients, expand our professional networks and stay updated on industry trends.

In conclusion, we firmly believe that while it is not always easy to align the creativity of social media with the structure of engineering, we accept that it is a valuable tool for engineers and engineering consultants.  By using social media to network, market our services, and engage with our audience, we leverage the power of these platforms to advance our work and the industry as a whole.

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