Sustainability Consultants

Service Overview​

Sustainability Consultants

We are passionate about the natural environment and recognise our role in promoting sustainable development through all projects.

By incorporating sustainable development actions into our business strategies, decision-making, and practices at all levels, we ensure that our work effectively contributes to the financial, social, and environmental well-being of our communities.

This enables ongoing long-term learning, which is essential to our success at DRAC.

Decisive Planning

We plan and make the right decisions about your project.

Operations & Maintenance

We understand how best you will operate and maintain your building.

Environmental Savings

We help your building become environmentally sustainable.

Safe & Practical

We ensure that all Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health design systems of a building are safe, bring comfort to its occupants and enable the building to function properly.

Newport Wetlands

South Wales

Devizes Health Centre


Devizes Health Centre Roof


Royal Welsh Showground Foodhall

Builth Well, Wales

Service Overview​

Areas of Work

Energy and Sustainability Statements

Get critical information about the energy consumption, emissions, and overall sustainability of your building through analysis that identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and minimise your building environmental footprint.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies.

We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to help you determine the suitability of renewable energy systems within your building. From solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy, we examine the availability of resources, cost of installation and return on your investment and barriers and opportunities for renewable energy projects.


Committed to the Natural Environment

Building services come with environmental responsibilities, so we continuously demonstrate our care for the environment. Every design includes best practices that make a difference by minimising environmental impact.

Environmental Practice at its Best

We find innovative solutions to minimise a building’s impact while promoting sustainable development for future generations.